The Magical Gong

Vrijeme od 26.04.2019, 28.04.2019 do 18:00, 13:00

Mjesto Petre Hess Insitut , Schweringen, Njemačka

The Magical Gong

”The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Get to know and learn to play the Magical Planet Gongs!

Since ancient times, philosophers, sages, poets and visionaries were impressed and inspired by the interplay between Macrocosmos and Microcosmos, Universe and Humans. Sacred Sound has been considered as a vital force from which everything was created and a direct connection to the Divine. And The Gong has this unique quality to create the sound of the Universe.

Planet Gongs are the new step in the fascination history of The Sound. Theese high quality Gongs are tuned to the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets of our Solar System. They play the „Music of the Spheres,“ which was first writen about by Pythagoras (6th BC), and embody archetypal, astrological, and mythological qualities. Due to the principle of sympathetic resonance, they create the same quality in humans. Within this sound we relax, release stress, rejuvenate and heal at the deepest level. That is why Planet Gongs are so popular as a powerful healing instrument nowadays.

This training course is suitable for beginners, but as well for those who already have the experience and want to get deeper acquainted with amasing Planet Gongs. By mastering the techniques of playing, we will, first and foremost, be able to play for ourselves and discover a new path of self-development, and then, offer other people the experience of all the benefits of this instrument.

In the practical part, the participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice techniques of playing the Gong with special emphasis on Planet Gongs as well as independently performe the individual and group Gong Bath.

Seminar Leader:

Silvana Leskovar

Mirjana Maksimović

This seminar will be held in English, with German translation.



Der magische Gong – The Magical Gong



Anerkannt für:

„Peter Hess®-Lebensberatung (KliK®)“
„Kinder-KLANGentspannungscoaching (KliK®)“
„Peter Hess®-Klangpädagogik (KliK®)
„Peter Hess®-Lebensbegleitung (KliK®)“


Silvana Leskovar

Mirjana Maksimović


24 Stunden


Beginn Donnerstag um 18.00 Uhr, Ende Sonntag um 13.00 Uhr


400,00 €


Das Seminar findet in englischer Sprache mit deutscher Übersetzung statt.